View Full Version : Refrigerator not cooling

Forrest Fetherolf
07-28-2007, 11:49 AM
The photos show the refrigerator fuses and cooling fan location for the double door w/ice-maker. The cooling fans never worked because of blown 1 amp in-line fuse.

The 1 amp in-line fuse 12v powers the fans
The 3 amp in-line fuse 12v powers the ice maker
The 3 amp fuse 12v (short vertical) in control module powers refrigerator, fans, and ice-maker.
The 5 amp fuse 120v (long horizontal) in control module is AC power

When the refrigerator, cooling fans, or ice maker doesn't work properly these fuses should be checked in addition the the 12v fuses in main fuse panel and 120v circuit breakers in main breaker panel.