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07-14-2012, 02:00 PM
Hi everyone,
We are currently workamping in Kenai, AK and have an opportunity to stay in a cabin for the winter, being from ME, we feel we are prepared, but have never stored the 3670 BH and need some advice.
We have an opportunity to store in a heated or unheated covered storage, however the heated is about twice the expense and wondering if that is worth it?? It will probably get -25 to -35 F. Advice??
I think?? I have a pretty good idea about the water line storage process, however have several other questions?
Do I need to do anything about the hydraulic resevoir/lines (think it is ATF in the lines)
How about the battery---take it out?, disconnect and leave in?
We have an air bag center point suspensio so anything special there with the air bags?
Anthing special with appliances, TV, CD, microwave, etc?
Suspension---should I jack it up some to take some weight off the springs/tires?
Put something under the tires to stop moisture?
Leave any windows open a crack?
Anything under to stop little critters from moving in?
I really appreciate any advice you can give us.

07-14-2012, 03:21 PM

That's pretty cold. There was a thread a few months ago asking about LCD Televisions stored in the cold. They have storage specs below freezing, but no where near -35F. That might mean they didn't think it was necessary to test at those temps, or it might mean there would be damage. Don't know. Other appliances also have LCD displays - small ones. Could be an expensive experiment.

Dometic is a bit cagey about the refrigerant in their refrigerators when it comes to extreme cold. It could gel. Whether it would un-gel when warmed up - don't know.

On winterizing the water system - if using RV antifreeze, you should see how cold it's rated to protect. Even if you use compressed air, you still have traps to deal with. If you have a washer, that's also a problem area.

LP lines, tanks, regulators all probably have a little moisture that will freeze at those temps. Not sure if the freeze will damage anything. I've had hoses freeze at -20 while in use, but they were ok after it warmed up.

You'll need to keep your tires and jacks off the concrete floor or they'll freeze to it. I've used masonite.

07-14-2012, 04:25 PM
Make sure all the water is out of the toilet flushing chamber that surrounds the bowl. Fill it with antifreeze or disconnect the flush valve and drain it. My experience says it results in a cracked bowl.
Winterize even if in heated storage. Power may fail.