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08-06-2012, 12:54 PM
I have a brand new Prowler Sport. On the way home from a camping trip over the weekend, I heard something dragging. I pulled over and noticed this thin sheetmetal type strap dragging on the street. I took a closer look, and it looks to be a support strap under one of the grey/black tanks.

Is this a critical support strap? It looks like it was severed from the other side.



Ray LeTourneau
08-06-2012, 01:27 PM
Greg, Critical? Yes, especially if you travel with water in the tank. I suggest you replace the strap with something a little more substantial. Either a heavier strap type material or maybe some 1" or 1.5" angle iron. You can bolt it right to the outer frame rails using self drillers. No real need to pull down the underbelly material but if you do need access at a later point, it will have to be removed.

08-06-2012, 01:33 PM
If you are still under the one year warranty call HL customer service and see what they say. They will probably be willing to pick up the cost to repair.

08-06-2012, 08:13 PM
I do not think I have ever seen a strap for a tank come off like that. I would call Heartland with your VIN. If you take it to your dealer, they may hold it for few weeks while they wait for parts from Heartland. I would get Heartland on the phone first before you go to the dealer. Ernie

08-07-2012, 09:54 AM
Greg, The strap you mention is a piece of galvanized sheet metal. HL puts 2 or 3 per of these per tank. The ends are fastened to the chassis or other weight bearing metal member with one # 12 or # 14 self drilling metal screw (think sheet metal screws on steroids). On my tanks at least one of these straps is not tensioned tight against the tank and flops around doing nothing. The weight is being bore by the other tight straps. It looks like one of the self drilling metal screws fell out or missed it's target. Look at the strap end that's hanging, if you see an empty hole that's what happened. If there is no hole... somebody goofed. You should still be under warranty. With prior HL approval you can get it fixed at a non-HL repair center. If you are close to "any RV repair" biz they can fix you up. If not, you may want to try to repair it your self. The hardest part will be getting to the attachment location on the steel member. A nut and bolt may work also. Good Luck.

Happy RVing !