View Full Version : What Happened to 2800RL?

08-20-2012, 10:06 AM
We really love our 2800RL and I've noticed the unit is no longer shown under the Sundance line. There is a 28RL in the Greystone line. The reason we bought the Sundance over other trailers was the full side ilse bath and the weight of the trailer. There are a couple things that would make this a really great unit in our opinion.

The trailer could use about 3 or 4 feet more in length. Something closer to the 3300. Don't change the basic layout though.
Use most of the extra length for just a little more in the rear living and kitchen area.

The wife really wants just a little more counter area for food prep.
The living area is just a little short, the euro chairs with stools tend to block the rear door entry. We actually like the rear entry. Most of the time we only carry only one foot stool because of not wanting to block the door.
Add just a little to the bathroom area, but do not split the bath or add a useless door to the bedroom.

I added a plug right at the steps going into the hall/bedroom area for a night light.
Our unit is only a 30amp and would really like a 50amp service w/fireplace.

The 2800RL with its lover profile and at only 8700 lbs is a dream to pull. Adding a little lenght would increase the GVW, but not so significantly as to make it impooseible for the same trucks to pull. I don't see anything to be gained with the additonal height of the Greystone. That is not to say the Greystone is not a nice unit.

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