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09-27-2012, 03:00 PM
Registration for this rally is on track to begin sometime in the second half of January. Registration for this rally will be limited to 300 rigs.

Here's the plan:

CORE TEAM LEADERS will be offered a chance to register first. This ensures they get a spot at the rally and allows us to stress the registration application. Any bugs that turn up during this short window of fewer than 10 registrations will help ensure future registrations work more smoothly. This process will take 3-days.

2011 RALLY ATTENDEES THAT ARE CURRENT CLUB MEMBERS will then be offered their 2011 rally sites and a chance to register for the rally, in those sites or they may elect to be re-sited elsewhere. This registration window will be opened for a few days.

CURRENT CLUB MEMBERS will then be offered a chance to register for the rally. This registration window will be opened for a few days.

ALL HEARTLAND PRODUCT OWNERS will then be offered a chance to register for the rally. This registration window will be opened until no sites remain.

A WAITING LIST process will be in place for those who are not able to get their registration in before all sites are gone. TRUST THE WAITING LIST PROCESS! The cancellation rate for this rally will be about 20%. That's 60 rigs that will register, then cancel at some point. In past years, 100% of those who got on the Waiting List - GOT INTO THE RALLY!

Please visit the rally discussion thread (//heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/32122) to discuss this rally or to post questions about it.

Thank you and see you in Goshen!

Jim Beletti
President, Heartland Owners Club

11-26-2012, 09:44 PM
UPDATE: We are pushing the start of registration out to the second half of January. Registration will NOT be open in December as previously planned. I will keep everyone posted in the rally discussion thread (http://w.heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/32122) as we get closer. Then emails will go out to club members when we're all set.

02-01-2013, 07:43 AM
Registration for the rally will begin tonight for ALL Heartland Owners Club members.

Each of us have an email address tied to our Forum/Owners Club profile. I will be loading those addresses into the Rally Registration site.

Tonight, I will be sending Club Members an email to those email addresses. That email will have the rally registration link in it.

The first part of the registration process asks you for your email address. Here's where it's critical that you use the same email address that is tied to your Forum/Club profile.

Hope this makes sense :)

02-01-2013, 08:46 PM
All club members may now register. An email was sent out tonight. It may take some time for all 1,110 members to receive it. Here's the link to the registration site (https://www.regonline.com/2013Goshen).

Time to Register for the 2013 Goshen Rally

Julie Hancock - Heartland Owners Club Manager <club@heartlandowners.org>
Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 7:36 PM

To: clubmembers@heartlandowners.org

Hello Heartland Owners Club Member,

We've been working hard to get things all arranged for the 2013 North American Heartland Owners Rally. We've tested the process and we've had a few dozen testers successfully register.

We are now ready to open registration to all Heartland Owners Club members.

Before you begin your registration, please read through this list of things you need to be aware of:

Have your credit card ready
The Pre-Rally begins June 11 and ends June 17 - determine what day you want to arrive before you start the registration process
The Rally begins June 18 and ends June 23 - the first day of the rally will be full of activities - consider arriving before the 18th
The registration process is laid out as follows:
- Login: Use your forum email address
- Registration type: Choose Club type, plus the option the corresponds to the number of persons in your RV
- Personal info (names, address etc.)
- Coach info
Agenda Items: Pre-Rally choices, then Rally choices
- Pre-Rally - Tour 1 (//heartlandowners.org/rally/2013/tour_1.pdf)
- Pre-Rally - Tour 2 (//heartlandowners.org/rally/2013/tour_2.pdf)
- Pre-Rally - Amish Family Home Dinner (//heartlandowners.org/rally/2013/amish_dinner.pdf)
- Pre-Rally - Bison Ranch Tour (//heartlandowners.org/rally/2013/cooks_bison_ranch.pdf)
- Rally - Golf Cart Rental
- Rally - RV/MH Lunch Head-Count
- Rally - Elkhart Tour Bus Option (//heartlandowners.org/rally/2013/elkhart_tour.pdf)
The Pre-Rally Agenda is complete (link (//heartlandowners.org/rally/2013/2013_pre-rally_agenda.pdf))
The Rally Agenda is in DRAFT status (link (//heartlandowners.org/rally/2013/2013_agenda.pdf)) - though much of it is already planned
The Seminar and Presentations Schedule will be worked on over the coming months
The *Leisure Time Activity Schedule will be worked on over the coming months
All Pre-Rally and all Rally items are OPTIONAL. Please take no stress from what will ultimately look like a really busy schedule. Choose what you want to learn, see and do - then relax, meet new people and have a nice time.
All Pre-Rally and Rally items are subject to change
Heartland Gives Back - This year, we're doing:
- Babies Wrapped in Love (link to more info on this (//heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/28924))
- Food Drive
- Aluminum Can Tabs - Ronald McDonald House donation

Special Notes:

*The Leisure Time Activities (crafts, hobbies etc.) committee (Nancy Beletti and Kelly Barnett) is seeking rally attendees who are interested in sharing their Leisure Time Activity with others. We're looking for demonstrations, presentations, hands-on how-tos of activities you do in your leisure time that you feel others may have an interest in. Please contact Kelly Barnett via email at 2psnapod1@gmail.com.

Anyone who signs up to do a Leisure Time Activity demonstration or presentation and wishes to sell some of their items in the Heartland Marketplace, will be given some booth time at no cost. Please let Kelly know what you are thinking in this area.

** For Sale Items
As we've done in past years, we'll have a "For Sale table" for 'Heartlander to Heartlander" sales of RV items and other small items you aren't using. More details to follow on this item.

Here's the registration link for you to use: https://www.regonline.com/2013Goshen

Have fun!

Jim BelettiPresident, Heartland Owners Club

Julie Hancock
Manager, Heartland Owners Club

Email: club@heartlandowners.org
Web: //heartlandowners.org/club

02-13-2013, 08:13 AM
Tomorrow, Thursday, February 14th, later in the evening, we will be closing the window for 2011 Goshen Rally Returnees to reclaim their 2011 rally sites.

If you attended the 2011 Goshen Rally and have not yet registered for the 2013 Goshen Rally and you wish to reclaim your 2011 site, you must do so today or tomorrow.

Should you be unable to register by Thursday evening, you will still be able to register for the rally at anytime, so long as sites remains available.

By closing this window, as planned, we will be able to begin getting organized for site assignments for everyone.