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09-05-2007, 05:55 PM
We are in the hunt for a 3055 and are changing from our '04 Doubletree 36TK3. The reasons are quite simple. What we had to purchase the 36TK3 for is now available on a smaller unit. We've made several inquiries and don't mind driving to make the purchase. Has anyone had dealings with "Hartland RV Outlet" in Indiana? They are close to the factory and I suppose they are able to sell somewhat less. They have quoted a price that is about $**** less than Texas dealers have priced us. Has anybody dealt with them?
Thanks for the help and we look forward to meeting many of the members. My wife will feel more like travelling in a slightly smaller unit. She sure gets nervous when we go through cities with the big unit.:rolleyes:

09-05-2007, 09:57 PM

I am sitting in my trailer next door to Hartland RV Outlet as I type this. They are okay folks and I know the owner. I am having my unit serviced this week at Recreational Specialties here in Elkhart (behind Hartland RV Outlet on SR 19), then having Hartland RV Outlet sell it as a consignment unit.

A piece of good advice is to always try your best to buy local. If you full-time, them anywhere is your local.

I have never bought a trailer from Hartland RV Outlet so I can't speak to that aspect, but others will chime in on their experience. Also expect input from others on a few other dealerships to consider (if you have no local).

Best of luck to you finding and purchasing your 3055 - it's a great unit. By the way, a few shows are just around the corner. Big one in Hershey, PA in a week!