View Full Version : Boondocker tips on the fresh tank set up.

09-10-2007, 06:39 PM
Having just messed with the fresh tank I thought I would give some tips that I found out in my adventure.
The tank drain is teed into the same hose that the pump intake is plumbed to.
Don't try and pump water with the tank drain open. It ain't going to work as I found out. I was trying to judge how soon the pump would pick up after the tank started draining while filling it.
My hose was routed up over a frame member that is higher than the tank outlet. Hard to get the most water out of with the pump or out the drain with a deal like that.
The tank pump outlet is about an inch up the side and off the bottom. Hard to get most of the water out if you don't do the shim job.
The 1/3 tank level sensor is mounted on the same plane as the tank outlet. So if you have a show a 1/3 tank you are about out as far as water pick up is concerned.
After emptying the tank with the trailer perfectly level I still did show 1/3 tank even after I did my 1 3/4 inch shim job on the opposite side. After draining the tank I put the drain side on a down hill slope and got an additional 6-7 gallons out of it due to the outlet being up an inch from the bottom. Then it showed empty. Not to bad really compared to it before the shimming.