View Full Version : Met "Gypsy Bill" & Jennifer Today

09-15-2007, 05:33 PM
They drove up to Montgomery today, from Southern AL, to take a look at the Augusta. We met them out at Marlin Ingram's for a chat and to eyeball the Augusta ourselves.

We all spent some time in the Augusta and looked in a few Bighorns, but it's still too humid here in AL to spend much time in RV's without A/C.

Once again, it was good to meet you, Bill & Jennifer (and Wilma)!

Don & Sheri

09-15-2007, 07:15 PM
Don & Sheri,

Well you beat me to the post... and it was good to meet you two as well... the Augusta was as we expected it to be and unless something drastic happens it will be our full-time rig in the near future (I keep saying "near" as 2 years is nothing when you are having fun :D )...

The 330 mile round trip was worth every mile.. to meet good people first and foremost, and to get in the Augusta for good look see.. Heartland did themselves proud on this one.. the folks as Marlin Ingram RV in Montgomery were very accomodating in opening up the unit and just leaving us alone for as long as we wanted to "browse"... no pressure... will be giving them serious consideration when time comes to purchase...

The next 2 years is really going to test my patience... but we are bound and determined to stick with our plans no matter how bad we want EVERYTHING NOW!!!:D :D