View Full Version : A great week end!!

06-15-2005, 04:13 PM
We had our BigHorn out for it's first camping trip. We did not even have the coach set up when a motor home camper came over and whated to know were we got the BigHorn from, because he sure liked the looks of the coach and what it all had in it. We did not have any new surprises, but had to get use to where we put everything, and what swhitches was for what thing. As we were getting ready to leave another dad and dauther can to see the coach and what it had in it. They too whated to know where we got our coach from. It was hard to believe we were in a 5th wheel, it felt more like a small home!! We still have a few small problems too work through, but all and all a great coach to have to camp in as well as to live in this winter. Evans & Lana

06-15-2005, 07:54 PM
HI, glad to hear you had a nice trip...it's nice to get possitive news form the field.... Have a nice evening ..Rosco