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10-05-2007, 08:25 PM
Hi would like any info on the Landmark good or bad. I am about to order one from the factory and would like to know if they've wintered in one. We live in ours full time while my husband works, we move around the country alot so we need something dependable and durable. I've looked at the Big Horns but haven't seen a Landmark except in brochures. So it would be helpful if someone would let me know of their experiences with this unit. Its a 2008 model, I've seen some talk about big changes to the 2008 line, so should I be looking for a 2007 model instead. Thanks Kathy:p

10-05-2007, 08:48 PM
I can't speak for the Augusta since it has just recently come out, but we have been fulltiming in a Landmark Grand Canyon for almost two years and wouldn't change a thing. Select your floor plan that you feel suits your needs. A couple of items that I would definitely recommend. Two A/C's with heat pumps and dual pane windows. Since you are already full time RV'ers, you know what you need. The Landmark is a great coach and I'm sure that you will be very happy with your decision, should you buy one.


10-05-2007, 09:35 PM
We have the brother of the Augusta (3670 Bighorn). We absolutely love it. If the Augusta was available when we bought ours (Mar 07) we would have seriously considered it. We full time/workamp in ours and are always showing it off :D . People can not believe what all we got and the low cost of it. Good luck and I know you will enjoy

10-05-2007, 10:13 PM
Hi thanks for the posts. I'm really having a hard time deciding between the Landmark, Select Suite, Presidential Suite. They all look like good quality except the Presidential, doesn't have hardwood throughout like the other two. Hoping someone can help me decide for sure whose the best quality for the money. The 2008 models dropped in price on LM by 10000 or more, would like to know what they cut the prices on. Well thanks for the posts.

10-06-2007, 06:33 AM
Hi Kathy,

I will try to speak to the reduced cost aspect of your post.

After 3 years of production, Heartland saw sales on the Landmark model begin become flat. Dealers just could not move them anymore.

Heartland had a choice to make - drop Landmark or change Landmark. The Landmark was the first model Heartland made - their flagship, their luxury model. They build the company on the back of Landmark.

Lucky for us, Heartland decided to keep Landmark. To do so, they needed to make changes in order to spur sales. No sense in producing a trailer that can only move a few units a year - dealers would not order any in that case.

What Heartland did was to redesign Landmark, removing some items, introducing some new items, changing things up a bit, produce them on the Bighorn chassis, take some of their own margin out etc. In the end, you get to buy a Landmark for what you found to be about $10k less than it used to be.

Are there differences? Yes. Will some people miss some of the things that are no longer offered (larger UDC, water manifold system etc.)? Yes. Is it an awesome unit at its price point? Absolutely YES!

Is it better than the other brands/models you mentioned? Not for me to answer as I have not owned or compared the others. Other people here may choose to weigh in on that aspect.

Best of luck to you!


10-06-2007, 08:25 AM
I can't remark on the Select Suites, as I've not owned one. I can, however, comment on the Holiday Rambler. I owned an 07' Alumascape Suite, the little brother to the Presidential Suite.

It lasted only 11 months! Looked good at first, then the cabinet in the rear started coming off the wall, we had water intrusion in the living room during transit (quite alot...took several towels to mop up), and the "last straw" was when the axle hanger ripped out of the frame while backing it into a site...not the welds...the metal sheered! That told us all we needed to know. Not to mention the Monaco (parent company) was horrible to deal with. All they wanted to do was a half@#!#@ fix...it took help from NHSTA (National Highway Safety and Traffic Admin) to get them to foot the bill to fix it correctly!

And I've only mentioned the serious problems with that coach. Got rid of that POS and now have an 08' Bighorn. The differences are immediately noticeable. Much better insulation, cabinetry, fit and finish, etc. Have we had problems? Yes...mostly minor...and so far with components, not construction by Heartland....has Heartland stepped up and taken care of things...WITHOUT QUESTION!!

In my mind, after owning both...I wish I'd seen the Bighorn first...would have never wasted my money on the Holiday Rambler!