View Full Version : what does my 09 heartland 2900rk weigh??

03-18-2013, 09:33 PM
All... I need help. I own a 2009 heartland sundance 2900rk. The weight sticker is not readable. I own an 01 ford f-250 7.3l diesel. Can the truck handle the trailer without going overweight? My owners manual of my truck says I can tow with a fifth wheel hook-up, 12,500 lbs. and a gcwr of 20,000 lbs. I've had the truck hooked to it and when on level ground, the helper springs aren't touching the brackets which they come against when they help with the load. This a lot larger fifth wheel than my previous one and i'm nervous about towing it and getting stopped by the police. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Jeff

03-18-2013, 10:44 PM
First off what possible reason would the Police have to stop you? They have no idea about what your trucks' towing capabilities are. Your only concern about that part is whether your truck is licensed for the proper amount of weight. I have never heard of anyone having to go through a scale with an Rv. I wouldn't be the least bit concerned if you have enough truck to tow it....Don

03-19-2013, 06:13 AM
Make sure you have a class 3 license on it in Pa. and go camping no one will ever check it anyway.

03-19-2013, 06:25 AM
Hi avidbowhunter,

The Heartlandrvs.com website shows current Sundance 5'ers with a GVWR of a bit under 14,000 pounds. So there's pretty good odds that yours is around that same max weight rating. If the weight sticker has been damaged, you might be able to get a replacement from Heartland. Call Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032 and have your VIN # handy. They can probably tell you the actual GVWR for your model and whether a replacement label can be obtained.

With respect to your truck, there are two issues to consider. You've already looked at how much weight the truck can tow. If it's rated for 12,500 vs 14,000 for the trailer, you're overloaded a bit. But you might want to check the numbers on your truck again. Make sure you're looking at the 5th wheel towing number for your configuration.

The other issue is vertical load on the rear axle. Current Sundance models have pin weight from 1860 to 2145 pounds - empty. After trailer options and your gear are added, the actual pin weight could be a few hundred pounds heavier. You need to compare that to the payload spec on your truck. If the payload spec if 2,200 for example, by the time you put 2,200 pounds of trailer pin weight on the hitch, you've nothing left for weight of the actual hitch, tools, bed liner, and passengers.

To research this further, you should visit Fifth Wheel Safe Towing (http://fifthwheelst.com/), a website created by another Heartland owner.

03-19-2013, 07:36 AM
In 08 the 2900 RK shows dry weight 8443 hitch weight 1715. This is probably without options and I think they added solid counter tops in 09 which are heavier. These numbers are just a rough guide but I pull a 2900 MK with a 2500 HD Duramax and it handles it with no problem. The numbers on your trailer are very close to mine. Remember everything you add in front of the axles puts weight on the pin.

03-19-2013, 08:09 AM
There's a class 3 reg. on my windshield. Thanks for the reply!