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05-26-2013, 07:44 AM
Hi all, I'm not new to this lifestyle or the Prowler name for that matter. Sorry this may be a little long. We are trading in our albatross, a 2004 Fleetwood Prowler Lynx 830Y for a 2012 Heartland Prowler 27P RBS. It's a brand new leftover. Albatross? What does he mean? We haven't been able to use our trailer for 2 yrs. I won't bore you with the WHOLE story. Seems we had a leak possibly as far back as manufacture that was attacking the flooring. Sealed from bottom so was never seen and water just sat. To this day it's a mystery where it's coming from. Problem realized when floor softened from rot. Another flaw in the floor of slide caused a water/rot/mold problem. Other than that, a superb trailer. Why am I buying a new Prowler? Good question. Basically the layout is perfect for us and the deal was right. Anyway, this NEW Prowler seems to have the same manufacturing design flaw in the slide floor. Although Heartland may have added a step to prevent the same problem experienced with existing TT. I'm going into this excited to have a new trailer, but with trepidation. Am I getting another time bomb? I've heard very good things about Heartland. I'm actually staring at a neighbors Big Horn, beautiful rig.
Would like to read some positive from other Heartland Prowler owners.
Thanks for reading.

05-26-2013, 08:07 AM
Hello Papa81494 and welcome to the Heartland family and Heartland Owners Forum.
Congratulations on your new Prowler.
There is a lot of good information here on this forum. You can find information that is generic to all RV's that could help you with any questions about your Prowler.
Take a look at the caulking around your windows and look along the bottom of your slides for any exposed wood. These two areas can contribute to the floor problem you have described.
I always feel around after a good rain to look for any wet spots and deal with them as needed.
Have fun with your new rig.