View Full Version : Tailgater hookup in 2013 RW 390

07-20-2013, 09:24 AM
We have successfully connected our Tailgater directly and have Dish TV reception so we know the unit is functional. However using the pre-wired coax in the trailer we get "no signal". The UDC has one port labeled "cable" and two ports labeled "satellite". We were given no wiring diagrams or specific info on hook ups when we purchased the trailer a few weeks ago.

I have gathered from other threads that one satellite port might be wiring for a roof mount dish. We have hooked up the coax that came with the Tailgater to all three ports with no result other than "no signal". I didnt expect it to work on the cable port but tried it just in case. Any thoughts on this situation? (We did check to be sure cables are actually wired into each port. One satellite port has a splitter on it too.)

UPDATE. This was resolved. We had a tricky port connection and the coax was not firmly threaded onto it. Everything works now as wired from Heartland.