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08-14-2013, 11:30 AM
We just purchased our 3260 Elite in Southern California. We live in Palm Springs and have RV parking at our house, but didn't want the RV to fade/oxidize in the harsh weather and wind. We were going to purchase a good cover, but a good point was brought up that covers end up not being used because of how hard they can be to put on and take off the RV. The dealer has offered PermaPlate as an alternative to a cover. The literature makes it seem like a miracle product. Has anyone purchased PermaPlate? What are your experiences? We have an appointment at the dealer this Saturday to have the hitch installed, do a final walk-through and take ownership of the unit. Any input is appreciated.



08-14-2013, 03:05 PM
Hi mikez,

Congratulations on your new Bighorn and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. This is a great place to get answers because there's a great bunch of experienced owners who are quick to provide help when needed.

We should find out pretty soon if anyone is familiar with PermaPlate.

08-14-2013, 03:41 PM
Mikez, welcome.
I took PermaPlate for the outside of my rig (not the inside) because it was a throw-in by my dealer. They also should give you a kit for about 3-4 more applications.
It does work well to maintain the finish, but like any product it has to be reapplied about every 6 months.
If they want more than a hundred bucks for it, I would pass.
A product called ReJex is the same thing IMHO. ( I have used it on my vehicles). It can be purchased at True Value or online for $19.95.
That would be enough to do your rig.
As for the inside of the rig , in my opinion Scotch Guard is as good as the PermaPlate for the interior and waaay cheaper.


08-14-2013, 03:55 PM
X2 Rejex and I pay a detailer to detail the RV once a year and apply Rejex rather than wax. My guess is that it is way less expensive than what the dealers want to sell, and sell, and sell, etc.

Whenever I hear someone say that the "dealer" wants to sell them a coating of some sort I think of "Fargo" and William H. Macy trying to sell "that there sealer" for the new car. You can do it yourself or have it done with a quality product for a lot less money.

08-14-2013, 04:45 PM
That's a huge profit maker for the dealer. If after the deal is done, they will sell it to you for under a hundred maybe...It's nothing more than a polymer coating, the same as Rejex, Simonize Ice, Nu-Finish and others. You can do it yourself for under $20.00. Car dealers sell all kinds of this junk as an add-on for extra profit. The interior coat is the same as spraying a can or two of Scotchguard. I'm guessing they want around $1800.00 for it and then charge you annually for "maintenance"...Don

08-16-2013, 10:51 AM
I had permaplate on my sundance and it was useless. it did nothing to help. when i filed a claim the company told me sue them.started fading within the first two years, stripes started cracking, oxidizing, the whole nine yards.