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11-30-2007, 12:22 PM
Well, we are torn between the two, 3370 or 3670. We have looked and looked but can't decide. The upstairs are identicle, it's that darn big kitchen and all that counter space in the 36 but the wife says it's nice but not really needed as she has done fine with our Open Road 357 kitchen. She does like the desk/entertainment area idea in the 36. Not being able to get to the left of the kitchen with the slide in is another question.
I like the 36' length in the 33 and it's weight. Kitchen makes no diff to me and as long as I can see the tele from the euro chair I don't really care where it's at. The only thing that has us both questioning is the low cabinet over the sink in the 33, kind of defines the two area's if you ask us.
Are the subtle diffs in the 09's worth the extra as in the new type floor, pocket hallway door and SS sink. They also say it's got a slightly diiff front cap which is more aero dynamic which doesn't do much for me, it still ways close to 7 or 8 tons and I don't think it's going to matter on the mileage.
Whatever we end up with will be pulled with an 06 350 S/D 6.0 Ford.
How about some input? I'm very sure we have NOT seen or thought of everything.

11-30-2007, 01:13 PM
My thoughts. You asked for 'em! :) We have a friend that has the Jayco Designer that is almost identical to the 3670 except for the bath. A great floor plan. Although the kitchen and living areas are divided they are open. If you get my drift. Do like the shorter length in the 3370 but we are double towers. Renee and I do not like the cabinet hanging down over the kitchen sink in our 3055 or the 3370 for that matter. Blocks the TV and guests from the Kitchen and dining area. If that's important to you. But Renee does not want to give up the storage or I was going to have the cabinet removed. We do not like couches in a slide out like the 3370. We are both tall and like to lounge on the couch and cramped couch makes it difficult. Another thing I have grow not to like is TVs up near the ceiling. Seem to put a kink in my neck. Of course putting the TV counter level would probably eliminate our objection to the counter over the sink. Seems we put a lot of worry about the stinking TV dont we? :D

11-30-2007, 01:45 PM
After finally spending a fair amount of time in our 3370, I have to say there is very little I don't like. I prefer a separation of the kitchen and living areas, so I like the cupboard over the sink. I have our dishes and glasses there, so is an easy thing to wash and put away above the sink. Standing at the sink, I can still see the TV.
With the two slides in the back the living room area is quite large and open and even with them closed, I can squeeze by to get to the table and couch. I'm fine with the couch in the slide, but I'm not very tall. I suppose the manufacturers make so many floor plans because we all have different tastes.:)
And as a PS, the trailer towed just dandy with our old 2001 F250. Up and down several grades and flat on I-5 as well. (No weight police. please, as we know we are very near our towing limits and are quite careful with what we pack and how we drive.) Just my 2 cents worth. And I love the Bighorn.

11-30-2007, 02:59 PM
We looked at the 3370 and the 3670. Decided on the 3670 because of the desk. I just moved into ours this past weekend and have set up housekeeping. I swear...I have 10 empty cabinets throughout! (Do I need to go shopping?). I have a desktop 'puter and a printer, and there is still plenty of room on the desk. We also got the fireplace. Dh thinks it would be better if there was a blower on it, tho.

We are in Wisconsin with snow on the ground and temps down to 10 so far. Dh put insulation all around the trailer (we'll get skirting next year), as well as insulated the hoses, etc. We have actually woke up twice during the night and been hot! We are staying plenty warm with that insulation/skirting.

I'm groovin' on my new digs! I'll be glad when we live in it in better weather! But, for now, it is everything we expected it to be!

11-30-2007, 03:57 PM
Sandra, Are you sure there isn't a blower on your fireplace? Our does but it is a late "07" I think they did change the fireplace manufactures but cant imagine one without a blower.
Slmayor, hope I didnt come across as dissing your 3370 as I think it is a fine coach. Just different strokes for different folks. Actually we would not buy the floor plan we have after using it. Want the big windows on the door side now. We do a lot of boon docking and we are always making a decision of which way to point the windows and which way to point the entrance. In a regular camp ground our big windows are alway pointed at the neighbors door side. If it was all on one side there would be no decision. All stuff we never thought about before.

11-30-2007, 04:15 PM
:) No dissing taken...
Really, that's why there are so many floor plans. Coming from a string of class A's, I hadn't met a fifth wheel I liked until I was introduced to the Heartlands. We saw ours at a show and just kept coming back to it. We probably really annoyed others trying to look in it when we were parked in the rocking chairs. Are there things I'd change? Sure, but overall we sure are pleased with ours. Had a 4 day trip with temps down to 20's and 55 mph winds. Kept us warm, and didn't blow over either!:D

11-30-2007, 07:48 PM
When we got our first look at the 3670 I literally started shaking and thought oh wow, we just found our home. The counters are what did it for me. I hate clutter of any kind but I find with the double island I am ok with leaving the coffee pot and large toaster oven out along with the cup rack because its "over there" and doesnt take away from my workspace at all. When we are entertaining or even when I am just cooking for Himself, I feel like the queen of the world standing behind that island and being able to purvey my domain. We fulltime in ours travelling the country with Himselfs work so that makes a difference to the use of things.

El Santiago
12-02-2007, 08:58 PM
I am a proud owner of a 07 3670 and if I have to do it again, without hesitation, I would go for a 3670. I like the open concept of the 3670 that the 3370 does not offer because of the cupboards over the kitchen sink. That factor combined with the length of the 3670 is a big plus in favor of the 3670. It is however a question of personal taste. You have to consider the views of the DW. Let's see if you can influence her in changing in favour of the 3670 :) . Last but not the least, the pick up truck that you already have should be the deciding factor. If you have a dually 350 (3500), I would personally go for the 3670. Hope this will help you.