View Full Version : ATF: Gateway - primary AC fan catastrophic failure

09-02-2013, 07:44 PM
Wondering if any other customers have indicated excessive AC related vibration. specifically related to the exterior plastic drive fan? This fan in question for me was the exterior plastic fan located on the rear AC unit of my brand new 3650bh. My wife called to my attention that when the rear ac unit was on HI, there was a vibration throughout the camper...most noticably in the front bedroom. It seemed to operate correctly and I did go up on the roof to inspect for anything looking out of sorts..nothing odd but the plastic cover did seem to be vibrating some.

Being it was the long weekend and 90 degrees I was unwilling to shut the unit down as the vibration was 'simular' to the vibration felt from the front AC on high..though somewhat more significant. A few hours later my wife again called me to inform me the vibration 'seemed louder'...at that point I called over a neighbour for him to see if what I was seeing is 'normal' for a heartland....as he did have a new heartland trailer. Before we could return my wifed called loudly for me....as this time the entire trailer was vibrating quite violently. At that point we shut the unit down and headed up to see what the heck was going on!!

It was at that time we noted laying on the pan of the ac unit enclosure was a blade of the plastic fan!! I don't know if the blade was defective, or if the motor for the fan was defective and cause the fan to vere off and make contact with something...but my goodness the timing could not have been worse. I am calling my dealer tomorrow AM and truely hope there is an easy and permanent fix. I know my dealer will attend to this quickly but I have to admit I'm a bit bothered as this was my second serious and negative experience in as may camping outings. The first being a slide getting stuck and bending several brackets in the under carriage...again VERY WELL handled by my dealer but I hope and pray we didn't make a poor decision on our choice of trailer.

09-03-2013, 08:48 AM
I suggest contacting Dometic directly. We had the exact experience. First we found the fan blade broken which Joe replaced (got new from Dometic) but it didn't clear up vibration. Then Dometic had tech replace fan motor and fan again and vibration was still there.

Dometic then replaced the entire AC and vibration is gone now. Vibration had been terrible - shook bed, floor, and dresser prior.

09-06-2013, 10:24 AM
Sorry you had this happen. However, your choice of trailer brands has nothing to do with defective A/C unit. I bet that 80% or more RV's have Dometic A/C units. The A/C unit was built by Dometic. BTW, any Dometic dealer can do the repair.