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10-11-2013, 07:16 PM
In a previous post, I was asked to share some pictures of my solar panel setup...here goes-

10-11-2013, 07:34 PM
In the 1st pic is the solar panel, (of course), mounted on a step, with a rod at the bottom to give it a better angle to the sun.
In the second pic, basically the same thing but at a different angle. I built the bracket that holds the panel to the step, myself.
The 3rd pic, shows where I brought the cables up through the front trailer hitch, (behind the propane bottles.)
The 4th pic, shows the routing. I went through the floor close to and in the same compartment that the water line goes through (basically you have to remove the wall portion in the cargo area, left side)
The 4th pic shows one of the controllers mounted on the end of the bed stand...the other is mounted on the inside framework, (next pic)
The 5th pic shows the modified water pump compartment. I first built and attached wooden framework to the aluminum frame, installed a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to hold the battery (Absorbed Glass Mat), above the water pump. The battery and plywood can be removed to gain access to the water pump, when/should it need to be. In the top left of the pic can be seen the second controller (notice it's a different kind as the first)
I chose to keep it a two part system, because I wanted an independent battery for my CPAP machine, (notice the wires going out the top of the sixth picture). This battery, (the AGM) was chosen because of the low atmospheric venting, low maintence, and better power retention...even though it was more expensive. The down side is that this system is not charged when on land power, but has to be charged manually (with a portable charger), or by solar panel... however I've found that it will store enough power for about 4 days without charging, but if we are in a site without hookups, we use the solar panels on both systems, (one panel and controller for each system). The second system powers/charges the battery pack on the hitch... and can be also be charged by land hookup. This battery pack runs the lights, and TV (once I get an inverter the proper size).