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07-29-2005, 06:58 PM
Hello Folks:

Since Brenda and I will no longer be Heartland Owners and thus will be leaving this Forum very soon, the following items with the Heartland Logo are being offered FOR SALE!

(3) Mens 2XL Sport Shirts - Brand New and never Worn - $15.00 each.

(2) Leather Jackets with the Giant Embroidered Heartland Logo on the Back.

1 Jacket is a 2 XL - $75.00

1 Jacket is a XL - $75.00

Anyone interested in these items, should let me know as soon as you can. I'd like to sell them all in one lot to one person if that is possible.

Please Email me at: jtorsrud@comcast.net if interested.

Thank you.

See attached pictures below.


08-12-2005, 02:03 PM
:) I would be interested in the clothing and jackets , but the price is to high as i don't think they cost that much.:confused:


08-12-2005, 07:01 PM
:eek: I would wear them PROUDLYNone