View Full Version : 14-Jan-2008 - Thread Subscriptions Deleted

01-14-2008, 11:45 PM
Hi all,

As many of the regulars know, during the upgrade of the forum, something happened where it appears that users were being automatically subscribed to threads. Perhaps when they posted in a thread and/or when they read a thread. Not sure of the cause to be honest.

A measure was taken today in en effort to clear the bug. A clean-up script of sorts was run by our forum consultant Chris. The script deleted any thread subscriptions a user may have had and it set their default subscription mode to Do Not Subscribe.

How does this impact you?

Well, if you had will-fully subscribed to specific threads of interest, I may no longer be your pal - because we deleted these subscriptions. We did not delete any threads or other content - only your subscriptions. You may begin to resubscribe to your favorite threads now.

If you had your Default Thread Subscription Mode set to any besides Do Not Subscribe, it has now been reset for you to Do Not Subscribe. You may begin to change your Default Thread Subscription Mode.

In both cases, just fully understand what any changes you make mean. If you subscribe to a thread, you "may" get email notifications if you have asked for them. If you change your Default Subscription, you may begin to automatically subscribe yourself to thread. And you may begin to get email notifications.

If anyone continues from this day forward, to receive email notification of thread subscriptions and you "have not" changed either of the above, please contact the Admin so we can re-look at this.