View Full Version : Purpose of the RV Lock forum

03-25-2014, 12:02 PM
The RV Lock company, as of 25-Mar-2014 is not presently an OEM supplier to Heartland RVs. Their products have been gaining significant traction among Heartland product owners. I am using the product as well and really like it :)

As such, I'm creating a space on the forum for discussion specific to RV Lock, the company and their product. Cade Harris is the inventor and owner of RV Lock and I am asking him to engage within the RV Lock sub-forum.

If you have an RV Lock company product and wish to discuss it, please create a New Thread within this sub-forum on it. Include the product name and if applicable, version within the thread subject.

From time to time, forum moderators may move, combine posts and threads to keep things compact.

As always, please keep discussions civil and have fun :)