View Full Version : Actual differences between the three TH lines? Which is right for me?

07-25-2014, 08:31 PM
I have been researching TH's until I am blue in the face (Raptors, Voltage, Cyclone, RW, Torque), and I think I am getting more and more confused. I have a 2014 Ram 3500 SRW Megacab. Payload capacity is 4076 per the door sticker. I would like to stay under 38ft as I think getting over 16k or so GVWR on the TH would be pushing my SRW in the hills and mountains of West Va (where we go atv'ing). We would be using the TH for camping with family more than hauling atv's at this point (sons are 3 and 6...not quite ready to go to west va atv'ing with me just yet). Maybe use it 1-2 weekends per month from spring to fall...with at least 1 bigger 2-3 week trip in the summer in there. The TH functionality over a bunkhouse just seems to be a better fit for our family I think.

So, originally the Torque lineup appealed to us as far as value goes...seems like you get a lot of camper for the money. But what is it missing compared to the RW or Cyclone? I realize the RW and Cyclone units are much bigger and heavier, but I would not be looking at those anyways. Realistically something like the RW 305 or 310, or Cyclone 3010 or 3100 would be in our wheelhouse I think (size, weight, etc). What features differentiate the product lines? I am assuming the construction is all the same...just amenities? the 6 pt level up would be nice to have I gotta believe (assuming it works as advertised..seems quite a few people have had issues on many different lines of campers with theirs). I have granite tops at home...not sure I need or want solid surface tops in a camper, but who knows? Anything glaring that I am missing? Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

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07-25-2014, 10:07 PM
We also were researching until we couldn't stand it anymore. I had narrowed it down to two the Raptor and the Cyclone 300C. With all the same options the Cyclone came out cheaper but the main reason we picked the 300C was our previous 5th wheel was a Titanium and I loved how it pulled and the fact that I could have a 33ft trailer that was only 28ft behind the truck. In the 300C we have a 40ft with only 35ft behind the truck. All in all we love the decision although I have noticed that the finishing is not near as good as the Titanium. Too bad they went out of business. We do still love the choice we made though and any mods I will do myself. Right now I am building a dresser for garage and bedroom and also a cupboard over toilet as wife wants more storage. Hope this helps

07-25-2014, 11:31 PM
When my wife and I were looking at THs, we found that the RW had better finishing touches compared to the Raptor. The RW, for instance, had better finishing in the basement area. It also had a better arrangement (in our opinion) for the bunk / dining table. One thing I've learned since our purchase is that the Heartland community can't be beat!

07-26-2014, 07:04 AM
when comparing the different heartland lines, what do I get with a RW that I would not get with a Torque? (assuming similar floor plan). Like I said, trying to stay under 16k GVWR or so, 35-38ft, would like reclining seats on the couch/living area (ie no flat couch), and would really like a real, stand up shower vs a tub and curtain. I think this is going to be hard to find and or will have to compromise on a few things. Thanks for the info so far!

07-26-2014, 07:37 AM
Contact AJ Jones, Heartland GM for Toyhaulers. He can give you the specifics you are looking for. 574.266.8726x1831

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07-26-2014, 08:01 AM
Contact AJ Jones, Heartland GM for Toyhaulers. He can give you the specifics you are looking for. 574.266.8726x1831

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