View Full Version : Tredit / Lippert

Uncle Rog
02-15-2008, 05:35 PM
Howdy, I am dang well pleased with the warranty attention from both of these companies.
Tredit reimbursed us for a new set of GY's and the minor damage we incurred from our Trail America failures.
Lippert, who is now one of my customers, replaced the entire suspension on the BH, no charge.
Just an interesting aside, when the Lippert rep and I were crawling around under the rig he eyed the new GY's and told me that they were under inflated and wearing heavily on the outside edges! I explained to him that the tires had less than 50 miles on 'em and that is the same tread pattern used by our lumber trailers to reduce drag during turns and reduce heat. I am not sure if he believed me!
Any ways, thanks to both companies.................