View Full Version : Setting clock on Genisis Technologies GT-2.0

09-05-2014, 05:28 PM
I will be the first to admit that I am no way technically inclined when it comes to electronic appliances. Mechanically inclined? yes!!!!

It say's in instruction manual to press clock button for 3 seconds and clock will flash......I got that part, then push volume up or down to change hours. Bingo, got that done....then it say's to push the "sound" button to switch to minutes.........I can't find a button marked sound anywhere, I guess I could wait for the correct minutes to come around........LOL

​HELP me please

09-05-2014, 05:52 PM
No need for gigantic fonts.

Pages 19 and 20 of the manual show the remote control buttons. Item #13 is SOUND.

09-05-2014, 06:45 PM
Thank You, the rig is new and I am trying to figure things out