View Full Version : Added MaxxAir Roof Vents

11-20-2014, 08:17 PM
Installed four MaxxAir on my new RV the last week of July and have left my vents open ever since. Without them on my other RVs we had returned to a wet bed more than once after an unexpected storm passing through while out sightseeing. Not sure why I never heard of these before. We had several thunderstorms through here in August and so far no water has made it in (these storms have included some pretty high wind blowing from the direction of the louvers. I was expecting some water, but all is dry.) I bought mine from camping world website. On the site they have a RV 101 video; it really is as easy as it looks. We get a lot of hail here; I had to replace the factory vents on my old RV after about 6 years; mostly from sun rot – they were pretty brittle and all seemed to fail about the same time. I suspect I’ll get at least double that out of these and considering I think I paid about half of what these cost, that if I get that, I’ll be more than happy. First pic is just getting started. After, ummm, can't find, will need to take new one in the daylight.

11-20-2014, 11:48 PM
Put one on our Trail Runner right after our first summer camp out . . .

I leave our vent open most of the time during the summer and while traveling, although close the vent when going down dirt roads!

Lots of dust inside, otherwise . . .