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01-19-2015, 03:15 PM
We bought a new 2015 Gateway 3200RS in July. We love the floor plan with movable island (we got the flat island that is same size all over for more counter space-it does not have the higher sized ends) . Husband also wanted to make sure he had his recliner directly in front of tv which this floor plan provided and the king bed. When we move the island back by the stove top, we can put in 2 full side twin beds just in case you are interested. The couch in this gateway does not pull out into a bed. Pull out beds are uncomfortable anyway. We also bought a 3" King RV/CAMPER 3.3lb density memory foam mattress pad/bed topper to put on top of the king mattress that came with the Gateway.. I found the "RV" sized topper for a RV king size bed on ebay. A regular king size topper would be to big. Now our king bed is so comfy. We also have full size refrigerator.

Back to my Question:

There are cable hookups built into the rv. Does anyone know if these are satellite cable hookups or just for the tv antena? If they are satellite cable wired, they don't work with our Winegard Pathway X2 - 2 Receiver Bundle. We want to be able to watch 2 different channels in each room (bedroom and living room).

Since this a is NEW 5th wheel, one would assume Heartland would be wiring new RV's with satellite wiring.
Since the cable connectors dont seem to be working for satellite, we have had to to buy extra coax and hook up each tv/receiver to the pathway. It works great using this method but with wires everywhere. We can watch different channels at the same time which is good for us since our taste in TV programs are usually NOT the same. :)
Currently we have one tv in our living room and the other in the bedroom. We use DISH service since that is what we have at our home.

When the dish is hooked up, we do not receive local channels. Tried using antena that came with the RV for local channels and it doesn't work so good.

Any suggestions, feedback welcome.

This is our first RV.

01-19-2015, 04:35 PM
Hi txdianimal,

If your rig has a single coax connector outside (or in the UDC, if you have one), that would be for cable TV, not satellite. If it has more than one coax connector outside, there should be matching connectors inside.

The Gateway page on the Heartland website doesn't mention satellite connections, whereas the next higher-priced product in the lineup, Big Country, does mention them. So it's possible you don't have them.

The cable TV connection can't be used for satellite without modifications. For one thing, the signal goes to a signal booster where it merges with the over-the-air antenna wiring. Satellite signals won't get through the signal booster.

If your rig doesn't have satellite wiring, it's not too difficult to run your own, or to have your dealer do it for you. Another choice is to use flat coax jumpers (http://www.amazon.com/Flat-Coaxial-Coax-Cable-Window/dp/B001WAPIRW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421703027&sr=8-1&keywords=flat+coax) that go through a window, and the window can be closed on the cable.

Local channels on satellite are broadcast using "spot beam" technology that covers a relatively narrow area. If you lived in Austin, and subscribe to local channels, you should be able to receive Austin locals over much of Texas. But if your locals are in Houston, you'd might lose them by the time you get to central Texas. If you'll be visiting one location for a while, you can call Dish to change your service location and get the local channels there. Or you can subscribe to New York or Los Angeles local stations, which will give you CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW, and PBS programming.

As for your over-the-air antenna, you need to make sure that the antenna is raised, pointed toward the broadcast towers, the signal booster is ON (for Cable TV it must be OFF), the TV must be connected to the coax outlet on the wall, the TV must be set to AIR/Antenna, and you have to do a channel scan on the TV.