View Full Version : Upgrading from '13 NT 24RBS to '16 NT 30RKDD

04-11-2015, 12:24 AM
We have found the 24 a little two tight with our two dogs and if we have guests. We have searched high and low for the right replacement camper. My dealer proposed this as a good alternative to what we are looking for. I didn't want one with bunks. We were considering the 29ss, but the bunks are wasted space to us. I did look at a keystone cougar 30rli that was very big but the bed area was not to my liking. I need space for my cpap machine and the cougar had a slide out bed and no night stand. Anyone with this unit I would appreciate your likes and dislikes. There seems to be vast storage in this unit. This is an incoming unit so I cant get look inside yet. Can I pull this with the e2 equalizer hitch or do I need the next step up?

'Lil Guy'
04-11-2015, 04:10 AM
I certainly know the feeling of being too tight. Not with dogs but with me and the DW. Congrats on your upgrade but I didn't see any bunks in the 29LRSS. Your new hitch weight is just shy of 800lbs. Google up your WDH and see what it says. You may be alright. That's a long TT but the Wide-Trax axles sure help with the sway. Post back and let me know how it tows.
again, congrats on your new TT.

04-11-2015, 07:30 AM
I was going to sign on it today but now my wife says from the pictures that the bedroom looks too small. I will wait for the unit to come in before I buy it. Probably makes sense anyway. I have never towed a trailer as long as this before....one thing that worries me is getting into and out of the storage area I use. How much more room is needed turning Left wit tis unit than with my 24? To get in the area it is a 90 degree corner.....once inside I navigate around a rectangle to get t my spot. At times the left hand turn has stuff on the corner.