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03-18-2008, 02:33 PM
Well, I have it. Now the poop on what I think!
I did a lot of research on toy haulers, looked at a lot, put on a lot of miles
checking them all out. Checked out web sites, talked to other people, now it was time to make a choice. I picked the Razor for a few reasons.
First I bought a 3212. I have two Goldwings, one being a trike. I needed a unit with no wall in the garage.
I also like the bathroom layout. After I did my leg work, now came the time to buy. I don't have a Razor dealer with in 250 miles of where I live. So I was dealing with a dealer near where my son lives. They didn't carry the Razor, but they carry Heartland products, and would get one for me.
When I got it, I had a few issues. It didn't have everything I thought I was getting!!! I was disappointed to say the least. The dealer couldn't help much, since they didn't carry them. I told them what was missing, but they just sent me to the Razor rep. Now he was OK, but he said,"didn't you look at them before you bought?". I said yes, with in the last 6 months, and I was just looking at your web sites video, and it's not the same. Then he said,"you should deal with your local dealer". I said the we don't have one within 250 miles. So after that he was better to deal with.
Now the thing that changed were the stereo, the TV was mounted flat to the wall, where you couldn't watch it, no storage bins behind the wheels, one chair, and no table, no drop down bed sofa, no netting for above the cabinets, no quick release gas valve for a grill.
Now I have a friend that I also sold them on a Razor, and he got the one that has the Gray cabinets, which I didn't really want. My wife wanted wood looking cabinets, so when I checked on the cabinets options they said it's the same except for the cabinets. Well it's not!!!
Now with all that venting, I do like the unit. My wife & I are in Florida now for a month. We had another couple with us for two weeks, and it worked out great.
I do think that the owners manual needs more detail. This is the first RV for us, and I have know idea how everything works. I am going back to the dealer when we get back to my sons, I have some work for them.
So over all WE LIKE THE UNIT.
Thanks for putting up with the rant!!!

Lake Linden Michigan

03-18-2008, 06:50 PM
Welcome to the family and may your new Razor give you many miles of smiles, just as we're sure your Wings have. We haven't found the perfect RV yet, but we sure do love our Landmark and Heartland has been good to us so far. Good luck, and happy highways.