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06-21-2015, 05:04 PM
I'm planning on getting an RV lock & wondering if anyone has any info on re-keying their slam baggage locks to match the key that comes with the RV lock? Not sure if it is even possible due to key designs.

06-21-2015, 05:40 PM
You might do best to call RV Lock and ask if they can provide replacement lock cores that will fit the slam baggage locks. It's a longshot, but it'll only cost a phone call to find out.

06-21-2015, 09:39 PM
Just a thought, with RV Lock you won't need a key for the main door so that with your baggage doors just use the key that came with it. Otherwise, a locksmith certainly can make the locks match, just for a price$$$$$$$. FYI, put RV Lock on my main door, love it, never use a key, just puch in the code. Best investment I made and did not have a promo code which is now available from Heartland.

Bob and Valerie

06-24-2015, 08:11 AM
You're probably right about the main door key not ever being used after installing RV Lock. I've read that all our baggage doors are keyed the same from the factory so there are a lot of people out there with the same key. I'm going to replace the baggage door latches or locks just to be safe.

06-24-2015, 08:25 AM
The 751 key is the standard baggage door key on RVs. We dont even lock ours when stopped in the campground since everyone has a key anyway. Someday I will change them out. We love our remote door lock. The only time we use the key is locking both door locks when traveling.

06-24-2015, 08:36 AM
We have swapped ours, so now all of our doors/hatches are on the same key!!!! I love it. No more mess of trailer keys. I have only 4 now!

06-24-2015, 08:48 AM
You might want to check out this website, but remember most any storage compartment lock can be easily defeated with a flatblade screwdriver or thin crowbar: http://www.ch751.com

06-24-2015, 10:31 AM
And your fancy electronic door lock can be defeated by a BFR. Smash the window and they're in. Even the storage compartment on my pontoon uses a CH751 key. But if you want to break into my rig's compartments, better bring those tools of which you speak. The locks require a tubular key, so any opportunistic passerby won't get in with his own key.

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06-25-2015, 08:28 AM
Locks on the compartments just keep honest people honest. I wouldn't put compartment locks and security in the same sentence.