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Grey Ghost
06-26-2015, 06:37 PM
Why did you stop making the Greystone?
What is the closed present model to the Greystone?

06-26-2015, 07:06 PM
Hi Grey Ghost,

Greystone and Sundance are essentially the same, akin to similarities of Cyclone and Road Warrior. This redundancy allows Heartland to give dealers territorial exclusivity for a particular brand. There might be 2 dealers in the same town - one selling Greystone and the other selling Sundance. They each have exclusivity for the brand they carry.

Heartland continually evaluates popularity of each model and floor plan and makes adjustments to optimize sales, revenue and profit. I don't think anyone from Heartland has ever explained the particular rationale for discontinuing Greystone and probably won't. So we don't know if it was due to declining dealer interest, declining customer interest, declining sales numbers, or something else. Perhaps all those things were fine but they needed the factory to shift focus to Gateway or Oakmont and thought those new models might do better in the marketplace. We can only speculate.