View Full Version : Best In-Depth Explanation of Thousand Trails System I Have Seen

07-17-2015, 07:44 PM
I belong to a number of Yahoo groups, getting e-mails on topics of interest to me. One of these Yahoo Groups is for Thousand Trails Members. Yesterday there was a posting of a link to a couple's RV blog with a long, terrific, explanation of the differnt Thousand Trails Conctracts, and most everything about Thousand Trails (except the locations of the preserves). I thought I would share that link with my fellow Heartlanders: http://www.rvlove.com/2015/01/28/thousand-trails-membership-upgrades/#sthash.hkuxpypN.HsRsBhDB.dpbs

07-17-2015, 09:01 PM
Thank you!! I personally found this very insightful!

07-19-2015, 06:03 PM
Now if someone could do the same for Outdoor World memberships....