View Full Version : Garmin 760 LMT tip

07-27-2015, 09:24 AM
I have had the 760 for about 2 - 3 weeks now and love it! Thanks again SilverRhino for posting it was on sale. I have learned something that might help others. I am an avid user of Map Source from Garmin. It is what I cut my teeth on when I bought my first Garmin. But Garmin has moved on from Map Source to Base Camp. With literally hundreds (if not a couple thousand) customers mapped for our sales calls using Map Source making the transition to Base Camp was going to be Painful.

In speaking with Garmin (excellent customer service) there was no easy way to transition the saved points and have them organized into states and cities as I have them in Map Source. Sure it can be done but with hours of work. Base Camp is OK....just like what I am used to.

So Garmin gave me the following way to allow my 760 to work with Map Source. Oh, I did not state that initially Map Source would not find the 760. Here are the steps:

To get to hidden screen you need to "see" to make the change.

1. turn on unit and get it up to main screen with "where to and map"

2.press volume

3. press upper right hand screen and hold on the volume screen until hidden screen appears

4. scroll down to MTP settings and select.

MTP auto detect is how it was from factory and told faster for map downloads

Mass Storage select this and save...this allows the unit to be seen by map source

5. Back out of the screens and reboot the unit.

It also changes the computer icon screen color to white when the unit first start up. When in MTP auto detect it is yellow.

So if you love Map Source this will give you a way to keep using it.