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09-28-2005, 07:42 PM
When will the website specs be updated for this unit? It still shows a GVRW of 18,000# and three 6,000# axles, when it should be 14,000# and two 7,000# axles. The empty weight and hitch weight are also higher than mine.

12-01-2005, 05:10 PM
You stated that the weights are different on the 3655RD unit. What are the weights (Pin, dry weight, GVWR) on your unit? What are the rating on the tires ("E" or "G" rated?) I have a thread going on in the prospective column asking these question since the web site documents are confusing. Thanks

12-01-2005, 09:48 PM
My truck is a 3500 CTD SRW with a GVRW of 9,900#. The 3655RD has a GVRW of 14,000# (I believe). We always travel with empty tanks and not a lot of additional weight for food and clothes.

The sticker showed 12,200# (I believe, as it is in storage at this time). However, here's what the weight tickets showed (they were from two different scales, but I believe they should be close).

Truck alone
Front axle 4,200#
Rear axle 3,460#
Total weight 7,660#

Truck with 3655RD attached
Front axle 4,140#
Rear axle 5,640#
Trailer axle 10,820#
Total combined 20,640#

Which would leave the trailer with a:
Dry weight 12,980# (20,640# - 7,660#)
Pin weight 2,160# (20,640# - 10,820# - 7,660#)
- or -
Pin weight 2,180# (5,640# - 3,460#)

Why the difference between the sticker and the scale ticket? Options added were a storage slide, slide toppers, fireplace, dual pane windows, porcelain toilet, aluminum rims and awning. Exactly when the fifth wheel is weighed in the process, I'm not sure. One would think that it would be after the factory installed options (which all of these were) were added.

Hope this helps.


12-02-2005, 05:27 PM
Thanks for the reply. This is the information that I was looking for. I am closing in on this model and asked a simple question if anybody had experence about towing a 3655RD with a 05 Dodge 3500, SB, SRW, CTD, 4x4. 6sp truck. The responses were not what I would have quessed. The CTD has lots and lots of torque and as long as you are not over loading the truck (9900 lbs) and keeping the total combine weight in check, the rig should tow great. Since you have a close match to what I am looking at, how is the towing experence? I just what to make just I am not doing the wrong thing with this combination. Thank Jim

12-02-2005, 09:12 PM
Jim, because you have a 4X4 and I have a 4X2, there will be a weight difference between the curb weight of the two trucks, but perhaps our personal weights will make up the difference. I went with the 2X4 just to gain the extra pound advantage. I have a 4-speed automatic which probably outweighs the 6-speed manual, so perhaps we are quite close.

As far as towing is concerned, I have not gone beyond 90 miles one-way as yet, since we only got the Bighorn in August of this year. We are planning a snowbird trip to Florida this winter, so I will be better off to judge towing when we return.

However, let me say that while I have not encountered any major grades, the ones that I have encountered have not even slowed me down on the upslopes and I haven't had to even brake on the downslopes. The 3655 seems to be very well balanced and the aerodynamics of the front end add to the handling. I use a Pullrite 16K Superglide hitch, so I don't even think much about what is behind me. I do experience a bit of jerk at times, but haven't adjusted the Pullrite since I have had it, so it may need to be tightened slightly.

You may want to see if an air-ride mount is available and order it. It is one option that I might want to consider in the future.

As far as the unit itself is concerned, we are absolutely happy with it. I haven't even thought of taking it back to the dealer for any adjustments or repairs as yet (although we only took six trips so far - one for a week). My wife loves the fireplace that was installed and I like the versatility that the rear den offers as far as switching the sleeper sofa and the chairs are concerned. And we really like the king-size bed (while only 72" wide, still much better than the queen-size bed we had in our former units).

I did make a couple of minor modifications as far as winterizing is concerned. I cut the cover and put in two continuous hinges (one 48" hinge cut in two), the top one allowing the cover to swing out and the bottom allowing it to swing in. This allows the cover to be moved without removing it (there wasn't room to do it as a one-piece unit without removing the duct for the bedroom with the storage slide mounted where it was. The other was to add two more valves - one to close off the fresh water tank from the pump to allow for proper suction of the anti-freeze and the other to allow better control of the anti-freeze. I think I will also add a water pump switch in the winterizing area so I can turn on and off the pump as I need to from the storage unit when winterizing. This one isn't quite so important as winterizing needs to be a two-person job - one turning handles at the sink and shower and running the toilet and the other at the anti-freeze jugs. It could be one person only, but two seems to be more convenient.

Hope this helps.


If you decide on the Bighorn, I hope your results are the same as ours.

12-02-2005, 09:41 PM
Thanks Chuck you been a great help and great information. Thanks again. Jim

12-03-2005, 12:22 PM
I forgot to answer one of your questions. The tires are Trail Americas on my unit and are G rated.