View Full Version : Great Propane Information and Safety Webpage

08-08-2015, 02:58 PM
Gang :
I found this really thorough RV propane page while doing research on where to locate a propane detector.

I did notice one error in the webpage. They said to check for propane leaks with soap solution after reconnecting the gas lines with the propane valves OFF. With the tank valves off there would be no gas pressure to produce a leak, and a soap solution bubble test would be meaningless.

I did find an interesting note on where to mount a propane alarm in a website for a $250 propane alarm system: "A good spot to install your detector is in the kick plate under your propane stove. This keeps it close to the floor, under an appliance, where a propane leak is likely to accumulate. Try to place it between appliances, where itís less likely to be kicked when youíre cooking. Connect the detector to your 12 volt power supply. Solder or crimp the connections and insulate. Vacuum the grill monthly to ensure a free air flow."

I tested my propane detector with an unlighted butane bbq lighter, and it works.