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09-09-2015, 07:21 PM
Anyone with a Wilderness 2750RL who would mind sharing what they actually get for a tongue weight once batteries and propane are in place?

Also, what do you usually get for an overall weight and tongue weight when you're typically loaded?

We're considering this unit because its tongue weight seems lighter than many similar floorplans, but are afraid it's a bit of an illusion in the brochures. Looking for real world input.


11-23-2015, 08:01 PM
I bought a 2016 model last Sept. Was going to get a tongue weight but it tows so smooth behind my 2015 Ford 150 I never bothered. Towed to Ashville NC through the mountains and the echo boost 6 does a great job. Possibly the only weight in the rear being the two easy chairs helps.

11-23-2015, 08:56 PM
We did indeed buy that unit and doing a driveway weigh of the tongue was very instructive. Much, much heavier than the advertised dry weight. Glad we upgraded to a truck because it was beyond the rating of the Jeep we had intended to use as a tow vehicle. Overall trailer weight was fine, but tongue weight ended up as the deal killer. We got a loaded, but not really heavily loaded, tongue weight north of 900 pounds.

11-23-2015, 09:11 PM
We had been without a camper for 2 decades but I've always had a 4 wheel drive truck. Four wheel drive is hard to justify in coastal south NC where we may get an inch of snow once every 2 - 3 years that is gone by early afternoon. I had just 2 months prior bought a new F 150 when my wife said she wanted to begin camping again. Two months earlier and I would have bought an F 250 diesel to tow a 5th wheel. So the 2750 RL fit the 8000 pound tow capacity and we bought it. Just the 2 of us and an old dog so we have the table/chairs instead of dinette that makes into a bed. It will take another 18 months on the truck before I consider trading. Have only towed about 2000 miles so far. Planning on the month of January in FL. Camping World suggested the equalizer hitch with built in sway control and it is fine. Of course Ford has built in sway control also. I do not exceed 70 MPH ~~ rarely go over 65 ~~ it tows great. I have one issue: between the shower pan and surround there are many gaps. CW says it does not leak~~ not sure how they tested it unless they did not use water. Will take that up with them when the weather warms. Good luck with your unit, we think ours is great.

06-10-2016, 10:04 PM
Anyone else out there with weights that you can share?