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10-29-2015, 06:34 PM
The Heartland Owners Club has entered into a “Partner Relationship” with Origen RV Accessories LTD, makers of the RV SnapPad (product link (http://www.rvsnappad.com)). As such, I will be placing company and product info in this sub-forum. This announcement thread will be closed and a discussion thread will be started - link (https://heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/56821).

From time to time, rally attendees will see RV SnapPad product donated to the club to be included in rally raffles/door prize pools. Generally, at rallies this donated product given away at, promotional flyers and discounts will be given to attendees.

RV SnapPads are rubber feet for your RV jacks. Use of them in most cases, can eliminate your need to place other styles of jack pads between the campsite surface and your jack pads. Some campgrounds actually require the use of something between their campsite surface and your jack pads.

At this time (October 2015), RV SnapPads are available as follows:

Packaging Types Retail Pricing
- Starter Pack (2-Pack) $49.95
- Camper Pack (4-Pack) $89.95
- Ultimate Pack (6-Pack) $134.95
- Flat Rate Shipping Fee $10.00 on all orders within the US
- Shipping cost will vary for orders outside of the US

RV SnapPad Contact / Order Info
Website: link (http://www.rvsnappad.com)
Email: info@rvsnappad.com
Phone: 855-762-7723

RV SnapPad Installation Video - link (https://youtu.be/SwjpIFHC3ws)

RV SnapPad Product Image

RV SnapPad Image Gallery - link (http://www.rvsnappad.com/#portfolio)