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Garry Davis
05-24-2008, 05:01 AM
Hi, I live in Australia and there are no Heartland dealers here that I can find. Can not even find a single Heartland 5th wheeler in Oz!!! The best selling 5th Wheeler out here is a Wildcat which I have looked at and would not sell to my mother-in-law (actually I probably would - and recommend it). Wildcats and similar Rv's are selling out here for around $130,000 and with the Aussie dollar similar value to the US $ that is a lot of money methinks. Mind you the Oz importers insist that the costs are in conversion to 240volt, Gas compliance conversion, a left hand side door and upgraded suspension to suit our poorer road conditions (not everywhere, just where we want to go). Based on the fact that I was quoted $36,000 to purchase a Big Horn in Michigan, I fail to see the extra $90,000+ in freight and conversions.
Are there any Aussie members who have imported a Heartland? I have been researching 5th Wheels for some time - strewth there are heaps of them in Yankland (an Aussie expression neither nice or nasty) and Heartland seems to be the go. Seems most opf your members are happy so it is sad that they are not readily available out here - too small a market with out piddly little population I guess.
Also interesting to note that Ford F250s are selling out here for $130,000 and that is not new!! and 2 year old Coachmen Mirada for $300,000!!
Do you have any dealers who might export to Australia?

05-24-2008, 08:36 AM
Garry....would suggest reading some of Mystics (Peter Birrell) posts,he lives in your neck of the woods. Just go to the members list ,then to Mystic ,then can find threads that he has responded to. You then can e-mail him for further questions about how an etc. on importing and such. Hope this helps and welcome to the forum.....Ken

05-26-2008, 03:35 AM
While there is no dealer in Australia, Pacific RV in Lismore works thru a US dealer and does import Heartland vans. There are a lot of paperwork problems in getting them into this country, and our road rules are very dfferent, so weights can be a huge problem. There are a few Sundance's on the roads here, apart from ours, although I havn't seen one for many months. They work well because the weights allow them to be registered here without too many problems.