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03-23-2016, 08:47 AM
I ordered the BIGHORN from McGeorge's RV in VA, and took delivery last week. The negotiation process went smoothly and they were able to complete the deal over the phone. They were in competition with two other large east coast dealers and worked the hardest for the deal. The other two couldn't beat them. The unit arrived as scheduled and was ready for us when we arrived from NH.

This is a big dealership, and lots of people are involved in the delivery process. Maybe too many, because our unit did not show the level of cleanliness and shining of other units being delivered that day (they deliver lots of units every day to customers...sometimes as many as 30). That was the biggest disappointment of the process for me. The walkthrough went as expected, meaning that the person that did it didn't know as much about the unit as I did. Always disappointing, but I have come to expect that. The biggest issue encountered during the walkthrough was what appeared to be a screw point about to poke through the roof of a slideout. McGeorges peeled back the roof and it turns out it was a large, sharp splinter. Glad I caught it before it punctured.

Our PDI went well, with only a few issues that were addressed on site. The two nights we spent in town to shakeout issues were productive in that we found the front ac leaking into the bedroom. McGeorges took the unit right in, fixed a thermister that wasn't attached and resolved a communications error and reprogramming the ac's...but we later found out that none of that resolved the problem.

We left VA for the FL Keys and found several other issues enroute;

the ac was still leaking
the slides crept out during travel and their alignment needed tweeking
a bunch of drain connections were loose.

The most irritating loose drain issue was the washer/dryer drain. McGeorges had installed the washer/dryer, and I had to remove the entire unit to get to the leaking drain. PS...the giveaway of a leak here is water dripping from the termination of the front cap trim at the pinbox. Not a serious issue, but a real pain.

Regarding the washer install, the exterior vent cover must not have been installed correctly as parts were missing once we got to the Keys. McGeorges immediately agreed to UPS a new cover and parts to us...very accommodating...but then again they should have been.

Regarding Heartlands actions on the slide issue and leaky ac, they were very easy to deal with. They immediately authorized a mobile tech to work on the issues at our campsite. I have dealt with lots of manufacturers over the years, and this was a very nice surprise.

So, all in all, I can recommend McGeorges...but sometimes you get the feeling that you are adrift in their system...just so many people involved.

With regard to Heartland, we are very impressed with the Bighorn. In terms of comfort, livability and fit/finish, it is definitely a step above our Carriage Cameo. Time will tell about construction quality...but at this point, it seems great. The laminated floors are rock solid.

I am not overly concerned about the issues that we have encountered as we always expect problems with new units. But having said that, Heartland needs to work with the guy in charge of tightening fittings and drains...these fittings were barely holding together.

IN TERMS OF SURPRISES, it seems that Heartland has discontinued the remote control for slideouts and awnings. Too bad. Also the two windows no the sides of the couch no longer open...another disappointment.

Any questions, give me a shout...Celt.

03-23-2016, 10:00 AM
Glad to hear you like your rig. My wife and I like that particular layout.