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04-25-2016, 02:48 PM
As I am a new RVer and didn't know any better when purchasing mine. I have come to realize I should have had a few more things added into the purchase of my TT.

1. For any RV that has a slide out make sure it has a slide out cover (awing). RG28 does not. More $$$
2. Look into a good surge protector that detects Low/high voltage. Tech didn't tell me nor did salesman. More $$$
3. TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) This is a good idea to have to help prevent major blow outs from heating wheels (stuck brakes, slow leak, object picked up in tire). More $$$
4. I got the new equalizer and sway hitch added in which for sure isn't cheap.

I am sure there are other big ticket items I am missing. I don't know how needed a storage cover for the TT is needed but that would be another $$$ item.

If there are any Big ticket items others can think of please respond and let everyone know. Enjoy the open roads and plentiful campgrounds.

04-25-2016, 02:50 PM
Decent tires

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04-25-2016, 04:56 PM
Decent tires

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Most of the items on your list are not necessary items . . . but are wants!

For example . . . the slide toppers you mentioned.

While they are nice . . . they can also be a major PITA!

I was going to have one installed on our previous Heartland Trail Runner right after we got home from a camping trip.

However . . . during that camping trip, the big guy upstairs told me not to by sending a park ranger through the campground to warn of an impending high wind warning for later that day.

I put our awning up after we were ready to go inside and about an hour later, a huge micro burst wind blew through the park . . . and destroyed every single slide topper in the park, plus ripped to shreds any awning that was left out.

After that happened . . . I'll never get them on any RV we'll ever own.

The other items (TPMS and Surge protectors) are safety items that are probably things we should have . . . but are options.

I have a surge protector . . .. but not the TPMS, but will most likely get one after a few other items that are higher priority on my list, like a louvered tailgate and some bigger towing mirrors.

04-27-2016, 12:54 PM
Thanks for the warning...I knew about bringing in the awnings but didn't think about the slide topper. I was thinking to have it to keep water and debris from laying on the slide out. I got the wider mirrors and I have a bed cover on my pickup. I am sure I will learn more the more I travel out.

04-27-2016, 01:16 PM
In lieu of the slide toppers, a portable ladder with which you can clean off the slide debris before departing (I use a Little Giant knock off (Werner)).

08-08-2016, 09:24 PM
I just purchased the 2017 Pioneer RG28. I really like the 12 feet long garage. One of my first purchases will be a spare wheel and tire since it did not come with one. I will store the spare tire in the garage or forward storage compartment under the queen bed. I also bought a small dehumidifier ($69) and tower oscillating fan ($57) from Amazon to prevent any mold issues inside. I did also buy a surge protector that has diagnostics built-in and has LEDs that illuminate to mark the cause of a problem. (recommended by the sales rep at camping world) The surge protector was about $80 and for about another $10 I added a 2 year replacement warranty from Camping World. The last item I purchased (Amazon for $65) is a folding aluminum ladder that is 12 feet long and stores in 3'x16"x12". The ladder will be great for cleaning and maintaining the roof and slide out. This is my second travel trailer and I learned a lot from some mistakes on the first. I found preventive maintenance is the key to a long lasting RV, although there is an up front cost, it always saves money, time, and frustration in the long run. I'm looking forward to years of fun with this travel trailer.

08-08-2016, 09:34 PM
Hi PalmCowboy,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and to the family. We have a great bunch of folks here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge when needed.

Be sure and check out our Heartland Owners Club (http://heartlandowners.org/content.php/128-heartland-owners-club-portal). Join us at a rally when you can and meet lots of the great folks here and make friends for a lifetime.

Enjoy the forum and your new unit.

Jim M

08-08-2016, 09:38 PM
Thank you Sir! I will check it out.

08-09-2016, 07:32 AM
While not needed, a cover is such a great investment IMO. However, ones necessity of a cover depends on so many variables such as the climate where one lives, how many months out of the year the coach will sit, will it be outside in the elements or under roof cover, etc., and that's before you get to your personal preference of whether you wish to deal with one. Depending on the size of the coach, they can be a feat to put on and take off. Covers block UV rays, shield the unit from rain, stop tree debris like leaves from getting pigment on the roof, etc. Our TT always sat outside in the elements for 3 months out of the year here in the Northeast (winter). Before sticking it away with an ADCO Tyvek cover, I'd meticulously clean the outside, roof and all. When it was time to get the TT out 3 months later, I uncovered a unit that was clean, spotless, free from black streaks and ready to load up and pull out...just as I had put it away. While albeit not cheap for a good one, covers can do wonders for preserving a coach.

08-09-2016, 09:14 AM
Covers are a waste of money out here in the west . . .

We have lots of wind here and the covers usually get ripped up or do damage to the RV, like break off the little water troughs on the eves and rub caulking and paint off.

Most of the time a cover won't even last one winter.

08-10-2016, 05:40 AM
Congrats on your new Pioneer! We looked at the RG28 and really liked the setup but need a bunkhouse for the kids and all those stuff. Enjoy!

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