View Full Version : Collision Repair Facility Needed

06-26-2016, 08:54 PM
Suffered some moderate damage to the entry door and surrounding area. Door is jammed and bottom hinge is broke. Willing to drive a distance to a quality repair facility who can complete timely repairs.

06-26-2016, 10:12 PM
Not sure exactly where you're located. But we've had great luck with Smooth as Glass in Riverbank California they also are listed is SAG.

06-26-2016, 10:44 PM
Poster's profile says that he is in Fairfield, Ca. I would suggest you check out RV DR. George in Sacramento ( http://www.rvdoctorgeorge.com/repairs ) .

06-26-2016, 11:07 PM
Thanks for the info.

06-27-2016, 09:23 PM

My neighbor (the reason I have a Heartland product) took his new Fusion toy hauler to SAG in Riverbank after the dealer ran it into a pole while he was taking delivery of it. It has been a few years since it was repaired, you can't see the damaged area even if you look for it.

He had a Cyclone for a lot of years, that why I got the Bighorn.

06-28-2016, 05:18 AM
Thanks Cory.