View Full Version : 2016 - Las Vegas - Rally T-Shirts (Saturday Night)

09-30-2016, 07:51 AM
We've designated Saturday evening, October 8th at "Rally T-Shirt Night".

Please wear your Rally-T-Shirts to dinner. While there won't be an all-rally-group-picture, there will be plenty of pictures taken throughout the evening.

Please pass the word to others you see at the rally about wearing their Rally T-Shirt Saturday evening :)

A couple more notes on Rally T-Shirts...

- One shirt per registered rally attendee is included, though it could get dicey for those who registered in Sept/Oct as we already had to have shirts printed - but it usually works out

- The shirts are charcoal in color (sort of a dark gray) and the shirts are REALLY WRINKLED :( You may want to try yours on to check for fitment, then toss them in a warm clothes dryer or otherwise de-wrinkle them - up to you

- Please try on your shirts the day you receive them (they're in the side pockets of your rally bag. Should you need to exchange your shirt, kindly contact Dave Hromek (cookie) ASAP to arrange for a possible exchange. Contact Dave by phone at 262-707-3687