View Full Version : 2016 - Las Vegas - Owner to Owner Items Sales Table

10-05-2016, 05:35 PM
This just in...

Rally Vendor Coordinators, Ken and Kathy Adams were able to squeeze in a single table in the center of the vendor hall to be used for Member to Member items sales.

This table is not for handmades or personal business sales. Rather, it's for members to sell each other stuff they're no longer using - new or used. Starting at 8 am Thursday, place your small items on the table with a tag with your name, phone number and price. Members are to contact each other to pay for the items they take.

This table will NOT be monitored by Rally or Oasis staff. All items must be removed by 4 pm Friday as the room will be converted from a vendor hall to a seminar room for the SkyMed presentation for Saturday morning.