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11-16-2016, 12:51 PM
How often should I replace my big horn is 10 years old

11-16-2016, 01:53 PM
Copied from RV Doctor web site (http://www.rvdoctor.com/2001/01/recreation-vehicle-safety-devices.html).

Propane Gas Detector
Manufactured with varying levels of sophistication, some propane gas detectors may be equipped with a 12-volt DC solenoid valve that fully closes when propane gas is detected at the sensor. They will all emit a shrill, audible alarm when propane is detected inside the RV. All LP gas detectors, like most “sensor” type devices, have a limited life expectancy. Most RV propane detectors should be considered for replacement every five to seven years. All RV propane detectors must be listed for RV use and built to the specifications of UL 1484. They should be mounted close to the floor since propane is heavier than air.