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11-26-2016, 10:18 AM
I own a 2009 Bighorn 3055RL. The coax or a splice is bad. There is no reception using the external connections. Hook the coax directly to the TV then the reception is perfect. This is with both Satellite and cable connections. Is there a diagram of the routing of the coax available? The coax is RG3 and should be upgraded to RG6

11-26-2016, 10:26 AM
Hi RichPal,

Here's a link to Coax diagrams (https://manuals.heartlandowners.org/?man=/Electronics/Coax_Layouts/All_Brands). A 2009 Bighorn would be the first one.

The cable TV and satellite wiring is completely separate. So I don't think you'd be looking for a single problem.

On older rigs, the coax connectors are often poorly crimped and can be loose or may have strands of ground wire shorting the connectors. So one approach to consider would be to buy a compression connector kit (https://www.amazon.com/Compression-Tool-Kit-Stripper-Connectors/dp/B016PIFMSU/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1480173960&sr=8-6&keywords=coax+compression+kit)and just replace all the connectors in the rig, including the ones behind the passthrough storage at the UDC and behind the basement TV connection.

11-27-2016, 09:33 AM
I have a 2016 Bighorn, and had coax issues...not the same as yours but I will share what I found.

OTA issues were caused by a factory error...they did not connect the antenna coax lead to the coax cable that feeds from the power switch. Access to connection is through the antenna crank area. I used a multi-meter to test power on the roof to find this issue. I was still receiving some signals without any antenna...so it took a bit to discover that I was not getting signals that I should have been getting. Tough if you don't know what you should be getting wherever you find yourself.

SAT issues were caused by a bad piece of coax within the wall in the area of the living room tv. This issue was hard to troubleshoot as I was getting some SAT but missing channels and/or satellites when connected through the trailer coax. Sometimes it was just a weak signal strength, and sometimes it was ok. Connections were good and replacing the connectors did not help. Ultimately, wiggling and pulling on the suspect cable uncovered what must have been a damaged length of coax cable within the wall. The suspect wire in the wall was accessed from behind the fireplace...cut out and replaced by fishing new wire. While doing that, I also found that the second OTA coax cable in the wall by the living room tv has a connection using a barrel connector inside the wall...strange place for a connection.

Just plain time-consuming but you'll find it.