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07-15-2008, 10:38 AM
I would like make our BC Chapter and any other Heartland owner aware of a Heartland Dealer in Kelowna (Kelowna Truck and RV). I had a living room slide gear that was bidding as well as some wiring that got caught up in the gear on July 3 2008. I phoned Heartland talked with Gary who was Super, He found me the closest Heartland dealer. The dealer was busy and said that they couldn't get to me for two weeks, which I didn't have a problem with so they booked me in for July 14. They asked me to take pictures of the gear that was missing teeth as well as the wiring that was hung up around the gear. I did all this on July 3. They emailed me back later that day saying that the pictures were great. I emailed the dealer on July 7 to see if I could get my cyclone in earlier they said no we have you ready for the 14th. I waited two weeks then I drove down to Kelowna 70 miles on my appointment date and when I got there they said that they didn't order the part yet and there was no room in their lot to keep my rv. I asked them to get started on the wiring but they said that it would be better to go to an independent dealer because Kelowna truck and RV only like to service units that they have sold. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW BEFORE I WASTED MY TIME DRIVING THE HOUR AND HALF DOWN TO KELOWNA.
Not even after I drove down there did they even look at the problem. I arrived at the dealers around 8:30am, didn't leave the dealers until 11:30am and not once did they look at my trailer. I was even booked in for the morning appointment.
Please advise all other Heartland owners, If you have any issues with your coach and you didn't buy from Kelowna, Don't go to them. They will lead you on, give you the run around, and waste your time.
PS: Gary from Heartland Warranty was Great trying to find a dealer that can work on my unit.

08-05-2008, 10:07 AM
While camping in Peachland in mid July I went to view a Sundance at Kelowna Truck & RV. When I mentioned that I had received a quote from a US dealer for delivery in Bellingham I was told that in the event that I experienced a warranty problem Kelowna Truck & RV would not provide any warranty service.

I am assuming that your unit was imported.

It was good to hear that Heartland was able to make other arrangements for you.

08-09-2008, 04:23 PM
We order our Cyclone 3210 from Lakeshore RV in Michigan and are awaiting delivery. Does anyone have any experience with Cottonwood RV in Chilliwack looking after the US imports?