View Full Version : So You Think Your Trailer Brakes Work?

Forrest Fetherolf
07-15-2008, 10:51 PM
The Chevy dealer replaced the instrument cluster panel prior to our round trip between Los Angeles and Tacoma (2100 miles). The mechanic must have unplugged the BrakeSmart controller in order to reset the trucks computer.
At each startup during the trip, I pulled forward and activated the manual brake lever to check the trailer brakes, each time the brakes responded..................no problem.
I check the TV and RV after the trip and noticed the 3-pin connector on the BrakeSmart had been plugged in wrong with only two of the three pins making contact. As a result, the brake pressure sensor was not signaling the controller to activate the RV brakes.
BrakeSmart had always worked so smooth synchronizing the brakes that I could not tell the difference, fortunately I did not have any panic stops during the entire trip.
My lesson learned..................test the brakes by adjusting the brake controller out of sync so the jerk can be felt...........then readjust to sync position.


07-15-2008, 11:16 PM
Glad you are NOW safe...and had no problems onthe trip. Great advice!