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01-21-2017, 09:24 AM
So my dad was a wanderer and some of my fondest memories are of our family vacations from MI to MO and NE where our kin lived. I have him to blame for my wanderlust. Now that the wife and I are retired and in good health, we have started talking about doing more than just a couple weeks of vacation and travel. We have decided that we want to get out of the Michigan winters and head some place warm next fall. We plan to move around some and not stay put for months in one spot initially the first winter. We will come back to our home when the weather turns warm up here. If we like it as much as we think we will, then we may move on to a more fulltime plan. Since we really enjoy Michigan in the summer we have no plans not to return even if we have no place to "call home".

We have somewhat of a "unique" opportunity with our living situation, as our daughter and her family live right behind us in a rural setting in a little house we were able to purchase out of an estate sale and renovate. Now that our home is mortgage free and because we sold them that house with a "gift of equity" we are discussing a plan of someday fulltiming and them moving into our house and either selling the little house, or renting for additional income. Lots of things to discuss and work through. I don't like the idea of fulltiming and having the physical and financial responsibility of a S&B so the idea of our kids being able to benefit from that move seems like a doable plan. I put in a pole barn some years ago and installed a cement pad with a sewer and electric for my fiver, so as long a the daughter is the owner, I will have a place to pull into when I want.

We are planning on making this first winter's trip in our current rig, but have already been looking at floor plans and models to move up to. I have been reading a lot of the posts concerning the fulltimer lifestyle and am very appreciative of all the info. and advice everyone shares on this forum. Thx.

01-21-2017, 12:16 PM
Wanderlust is a great thing. June & I travelled during vacations When we worked and retired early thirteen years ago to do much more. We full timed on a boat for a little over a year then in our Big Horn for four years. June had a serious fall one year ago and put an abrupt end to our full time lifestyle. We wouldn't trade our choices for anything and feel very fortunate to have experienced what we have done. Don't wait, get out there and enjoy every moment.

01-21-2017, 01:08 PM
I echo MTPockets. Don't wait, don't get hung up on planning, just do it. I saw my parents dream end in a flash years ago when my mother passed from cancer at 59. After a few years my father found a partner to continue on but one can't predict tomorrow's outcome.
We have been anytimers now for 3 years. Currently snowbirding down the gulf coast. Started in Mobile currently near Freeport. We only plan a week or two ahead so we can see what this great country has to show us.

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01-21-2017, 03:34 PM
Yes I concur with the "jsut do it" mentality. My dad worked two extra years to afford a Suburban and an Airstream w/o going into debt for them. Two years later while out on the south rim of the Grand Canyon he had a massive cerebral hemorrhage and died a couple weeks later. I told myself right then and there that I was going to retire as soon as I could and enjoy what this great country has to offer. Bring it on!