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01-24-2017, 03:17 PM
Has anybody else had these troubles?
How many things can be wrong with an Rv??!? I think we got a LEMON!! We traded in our Cougar XLT, NEVER had 1 problem with it, for this toyhauler & EVERYTHING has had a problem! :mad:
1. 2 windows leak. 6 months later, 1 1/2 months in the shop.....1 window still leaks! Getting new window! FINALLY!
2. 1 window wouldn't close all the way because the frame was bent, but it didn't leak! lol fixed by dealer
3. frig wouldn't run on propane...fixed it ourselves. Not connected by factory! Really?!?!?!
4. Awning wouldn't roll back in. Had to hand roll it while pushing the button. Slow as Moses now, but rolls back in...determined by dealer that the battery was not being charged because the cables were not hooked up by the factory! Still don't think it is right but we will see! Our other camper didn't have a problem with it's electric awning! Dealer says awnings with the speakers roll very slowly.?.?.?
5. hot water hearter switched to the "on" position, electric switch behind the heater, thank God it had water in it because we have it plugged in all the time! Would not light on propane...not hooked up?!?!? Thank God it didn't light...the box was FULL of wood shavings! Fixed ourselves!
6. Black tank flush NOT spraying into black tank...BUT INTO THE VOID BEHIND MY CABINETS! Determined by dealer that the strap that holds the hose in place was placed too high & would not allow the some sort of relief valve to close. Thankfully, I was inside when my husband turned it on & I saw the water running out from under the cabinets! Doesn't spray water into my cabinets or the balck tank now...just aounds like it is filling it up...not spraying! Another trip to the dealer I guess!!
7. black tank hook up leaking inside wall, under sink...fixed ourselves!
8. 1 broken rocker...6 months later Heartland finally sends a new rocker.
9. Axxera media player won't play a DVD starts, plays a little, stops- starts- stops- reloads, not hooked up to TV! ordering new one!
10. toilet area STINKS like urine! No we didn't pee on the floor...yes we cleaned EVERYTHING 5 times! Yes we checked the sink/shower traps, filled with water & clean! No, the vent is NOT on. New toilet being ordered! Never had a problem in our other 2 campers!
11. flooring not glued down in main room...wondering if the water leaking inside the wall & under flooring is the culprit?!?!?!?
12. Outside speaker determind to be the culprit for big window leaking?!?!?!?!?!
13. water pump-BROKEN! Hooked up "city water" to camper...everything good! Wake up in the morning...water running back out of the "Fresh water" fill port onto the ground. Turn city water off, used interior water pump for the rest of the day. Called dealer...he had never heard of that...finally decided the water pump is the ONLY way water can be exchanged between the two! Water pump comes on & off even when nothing is being used! So, dealer ordering new pump!

We would just like to enjoy camping in our NEW camper without having to worry about WHAT WILL GO WRONG NEXT!!

01-25-2017, 09:50 PM
Hi dingram9,

Sorry you've been having these problems, and it sounds like you have way more than the typical RV. Hopefully your dealer will correct everything soon so you can enjoy your rig.

01-26-2017, 03:37 PM
[QUOTE=danemayer;Hi dingram9,
Sorry you've been having these problems, and it sounds like you have way more than the typical RV. Hopefully your dealer will correct everything soon so you can enjoy your rig.526366]

Thanks. Praying this is our last round! lol We had had 2 other RVs and had no problems with them!! Come to find out, this was the first RV off the line after they recalibrated. If we can ever get to a point that we are not afraid something else will go wrong, we might be able to enjoy it. So far...not so much! Nobody else has had problems with theirs?