View Full Version : Brand new owner - Trail Runner 27ODK questions

04-18-2017, 07:17 PM
Hi everyone! I recently purchased a new Trail Runner 27ODK (2016 model but new). I'm taking it out for the first trip this weekend but it is winterized and I have a question about de-winterizing the water heater. What are the best steps to take? I assume the tank is located behind a panel near the kitchen sink, but I need to take it off to check. Do I need to simply ensure that it is set NOT to bypass and then run water through it? Do I need to do anything from the outside panel - drain, etc? I can't find anything specific in the manual and searched on the forums here with no luck.

I also just put the slide out today for the first time in about 6 weeks (it's been stored since purchasing it about 12 weeks ago) and the slide starts to make a loud grinding noise about 1/2 way through being put out or back in. Does it just need to be lubed or could it be another issue? Any suggestion on what to use and where to lube it if that's the case?

Sorry for what may seem to be simple "newbie" questions --- thanks in advance for any advice.

Looking forward to our inaugural trip this weekend!