View Full Version : We picked up our new Hearland Razor 3612

08-02-2008, 12:04 PM
I was concerned with the weight, but my 05 Dodge 2500 4x4 (with the cummins 600 and edge) is pulling it with ease. We pulled it all the way up from the Arkansas dealer up to Branson, MO, if that is not a test nothing is. It pulls it and stops it fine the Razor has GREAT brakes. It has no problem pulling it up the mild hills at 70, when you hit the big grades, you know it is back there! but the impressive thing is the truck never fell below 11 mpg that is NICE with 15k in the back, I think it will get 13 on the highway. It squatted the truck a little to much for me, so airbags are in order. Since my truck is lifted and leveled.

Love the camper, the cushions on the dinette ARE A JOKE, I am going to call Heartland about this, a 50k camper should have a cushion worth setting on. When you get up from the dinette, the back cushions just fall down, that is NO GOOD. The couch is great. 2nd A/C in the front is a must. They also need more than one A/C vent in the garage!!!!

The audio systems is nice, tv, and having a washer and dryer is just cool. Almost completely useless, but cool. The HD Satellite is a must. I wish the awning was bigger, but cant do it will a triple slide. It is ONE big 5th wheel. I wanted the cyclone, but my kids wanted the stairs, so we took the razor, so far so good. I just hope this 5500 Gen is big enough to run both A/C's, he said it is.

So far we love the extra room. We have 8 in here this weekend and it is not crowded at all, 4 adults 4 kids. Loud but not crowded.

08-05-2008, 08:05 PM
We picked ours up about 2 months ago and also think it is great. We went for the huge couch instead of the dinette / couch combo. The grandkids love the loft. We tow with a '02 Ford 250 HD Diesel. The air bags made a big difference. Levels everything out nicely. We had 2 awnings put on - one on each side of the front slide and that also works out well.