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08-06-2008, 04:58 AM
wow guys look at this before you buy anything. 1000 trails is in rough times as resellers/and previous owners are selling it dirt cheap plus a $750 transfer fee.

Read highway magazines campground memberships for sale as I did and got a great deal for just under a $1000 total first year, for RPI preferred and coast to coast deluxe (Camper World 4 parks SBR 2 parks
Colorado River 7 parks Sunbelt 2 parks
Leisure Time 7 parks Halo Resorts 2 parks
Naco 17 parks Quality Resorts 1 resort
Travel America 10 parks Resort Campgrounds
Sunrise 12 parks International 2 parks
K/M Resorts of America 6 parks Elite Resorts 1 park
American Campground 1 park
Great American Resorts 1 park ARA 1 park
SRV-Conestoga Campground 1 park Pride Resorts 1 park
Advanced Resorts of America 2 parks Holiday Trails 1 park

Go online to www.resortparks.com (http://www.resortparks.com/) click on the visitor’s section then on the resort guide and then the state you want to see. That will show you all the resorts)

RPI Preferred includes: RPI
RPI Preferred
Enjoy America
50% discount on resort rental when staying 7 nights or more
90 day reservation
14 days in 7 out 2 times a year in peak season, unlimited in off season
no 125 mile rule
4 Family passes each year, good for up to 7 nights each
The Coast to Coast Classic is 7 days in 30 days out of the same resort 2 times a year. You may go from one resort to another
The Coast to Coast Deluxe is 14 in 7 out 2 times during the peak season at each resort and unlimited in the off season and no 125 mile rule.

The $328 membership is Coast to Coast Classic and RPI regular and Happy Camper. After you are a member she can upgrade you for $495 + tax for one of them or $650 + tax for both of them. Or you can get CC Deluxe & RPI Preferred only for $1098 + tax now. If you join rpi and coast to coast the way I told you it is just under a $1000

Call Angie at Shiloh Resorts in Monroe, Louisiana and the yearly dues for shiloh if u do it this way is $99, plus Coast to Coast Deluxe is about $128 and RPI preferred is $106. Happy Camper is $40, and Enjoy America is part of eithere RPI or CC. She has these resells all the time and u never have to go to the membership campground.



MONROE, LA 71202


Membership Fee $ 198.00
S&H $ 10.00
Shiloh Dues $ included then $99.00 frozen + tax due 07-01-09
Coast to Coast included
RPI 120.00 may upgrade to RPI Preferred for $495 + tax
Happy Camper included
Tax 24.26
Total $328 plus the upgrade of $650 for RPI preferred and Coast to Coast Deluxe instead of buying RPI preferred and CC separately. You have to tell her you want the Highway magazine promotion.

What is really sweet is that they pay for all the first year dues.

Please tell Angie that Larry Kuhn referred you so I can get some credit.

When you call Shiloh ask for Angie Blair's cell number.

If you have any questions pm me with your phone number and I will explain in more detail. You can't get a better deal than this. I know as I spoke with several resellers and they couldnt match this deal. It's 10 bucks a night for most of all these campgrounds. I am now in Wyoming and over the last 8 days have saved over $300